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The aging of the baby-boomers has created a need for business ownership transition and a structured exit plan. This trend will likely continue and accelerate over the next decade making it imperative that business owners recognize they have a limited time period to prepare their Company for sale to maximize the after-tax proceeds.

A well designed exit plan enables business owners to:

  • Control the timing of their business exit
  • Achieve their financial goals
  • Maximize their company’s value
  • Explore all available options for their exit
  • Promote long-term growth and survival of their business
  • Minimize taxes on the transfer or sale of their business

Key Exit Advisors can help you focus on the value drivers and attributes which will enhance the marketability of your business.  We are also able to assist in marketing your business to strategic buyers who often pay a premium for a well-run organization.

Whether your company is considering:

  • Joint Ventures
  • Alliances
  • Divestitures
  • Separations
  • Merger or Acquisition

Key Exit Advisors can help you determine whether your strategic plan is the right move. We create financial models based on different assumptions and alternative that you are considering for your business operations. Our services include valuation, negotiation, deal structure, and due diligence.


is often the first step in the process, to gauge where you are at this moment in time. It may be necessary for family succession planning or estate planning purposes. It can provide a benchmark to measure future results of strategic planning.

Our process uses both an income approach and a market approach to provide you with a realistic range of value from both a financial and strategic perspective.

M&A Searches

We can help you identify prospective target acquisitions and act as quarterback throughout the entire process.  Due to confidentiality and sensitivity, it is best to use an intermediary to navigate this process.  We will work on a contingency basis with a small retainer to cover out-of-pocket marketing costs to assist you in closing on the deal.

Questions about ownership transition?